Become a Brand Ambassador!

Does your pet have an Instagram?
Do you find yourself constantly taking cute pics of your furry friend?
When you meet people, do you say "Want to see pics of my dog/cat?"
You sound like our kind of people!
We are looking for adorable, enthusiastic pets to become ambassadors for MD Dog Co.!

How does it work?


Why should you become a brand ambassador?

  • Get a unique discount code to share with friends, family, and followers
  •  Earn 10% store credit for any purchases placed using your discount code
  • Get 10% off all of your own MD Dog Co. purchases
  • Have the opportunity to be featured on our website and social media
  • See sneak peaks of new products!

The Fine Print:

By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to our Brand Ambassador Agreement.

Requirements as a Brand Ambassador

All ambassadors will receive a unique discount code to share with family, friends, and followers.  Pet accounts only please!

Store Credit

Ambassadors earn a 10% commission on all sales using your unique discount code and will be paid in the form of store credit valid at  There is no commission on purchases you make with your own discount code.

Store credit is issued at the end of the month for commissions earned during the prior month.

Program Rules

Ambassadors are prohibited from sharing their discount codes on coupon or promo code sites.  If an ambassador code is found on a coupon site, that ambassador will be terminated from the program and all pending commissions will be rescinded.  MD Dog Co. reserves the right to remove or suspend ambassadors at any time, without warning.